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Exportaciones, Embalaje, Busquedas personalizadas de mercaderías especiales.

Restauraciones, Tapicería, Carpintería, Lustre, Marqueterie, Fabricación, Acompanamiento a remates Hospedaje.


1_ Contact with us
In a telephone conference prior to your trip we can help you plan your itinearary in Buenos Aires to help locate the type of merchandise that you are looking for.

2_ Hotel reservations.

3_ Pick you up at the airport.

4_ We accompany you on visits to wholesalers, auctioneers and antique dealers. And help you obtain the best prices in accordance with local market.

5_ Organize your shop
For each object selected, we prepare our own identifying label, take a digital photo, and write the "purchase order" a copy of which stays with the seller, the original goes to the buyer and the second copy remains for our records.

6_ Packing and shipping
Packing and shipping costs can be calculated once you complete your purchases.
Finally we take care of all customs formalities, duties, etc and we examine each consignment to decide which mode of transport offers the best value for money.


All services are provided by Argentine Antiques, a comprised of a group of international antique dealers with over 50 years combined experience. A US corporation, offers an extensive global network of supply. Our inventory is located primarily in Latin America and USA.

We provide you interesting and unique quality merchandise at competitive prices. Argentine Antiques provides quality control on each Item offered by issuing a Condition Rating Report to facilitate buying with confidence.

Argentine Antiques offers distinctive services. We have very special door to door delivery deals via U.P.S. (United Parcel Service) and very unique quality controls. We hope that you enjoy our Site. Please direct any questions or comments to: contact us.. In Buenos Aires city, You can find Argentinaentiques Antique Gallery. A stunning collection of fine antiques and collectibles in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We carry fine European pieces from the 19th. and 20th. centuries including Art Noveau and Art Deco. All reminders of Argentina´s rich past history and European cultural heritage.

Argentinantiques Antique Gallery is made up of a group of International antique dealers with over 50 years of combined experience. A Argentine based Corporation, Antique Gallery has established a network of supply which is principally centered on Latin America, Australia and Europe.